Of Not Such Great Importance

Fiction/Documentary, 19 minutes

A day in the life of a young Italian immigrant in Berlin. Within Europe, millions of people continually leave their place of birth in search for a better future. This short contradicts the ‘othering’ Europe tends to project on migration issues by presenting a white migrant story from within its borders. The film finds its complexity in the audiovisual portrayal, evoking the main character’s internal struggle between big life decisions and living the moment. The first part in a trilogy about ‘the odd man out’.

Written & Directed
Produced by Untitled Production, Hilife Cinematography and Colectivo Colmena
Winner of the Kryzstof Szot Award Lublin Film Festival 2019 (PL), Jury & Audience Award Ongezien Kort 2020 (BE), Best Short Film Award Working Title Film Festival 2020 (IT)