On Tempelhofer Feld

A photography/architecture publication – Two Volumes: 120 pp., text book + 320 pp. picture book

Tempelhofer Feld, the former inner-city airport of Berlin, has for several years been the stage for an ongoing contestation at all levels of society. The question of what to do with such an immense open space of four square kilometers in the middle of the city has unleashed an unprecedented chain of actions and reactions.
By going through the field’s recent history, situating it in the context of Berlin’s turbulent past, laying out the socio-demographic situation of the surrounding neighborhoods, focusing on urban development, and discussing master plans that “weren’t meant to be,” On Tempelhofer Feld reflects on the interaction between spatial practice and pressing societal concerns.

Photography concept and realisation
in cooperation with Wouter De Raeve
Published by Spector Books


Blue Birth

Documentary, 54 minutes

After the succes of his first feature film saluted at Cannes, Little Baby Jesus of Flandr, director Gust Van den Berghe travels to Africa to film a parable inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck’s hundred year old theatre play L’oiseau bleu. Bewildered by their way of living, he casts the people of a small village from the hinterland of Togo and confidently starts production of his film. But tragic events will turn the villagers against him and change the course of the project drastically. Until what point can one defy circumstances in name of an artistic vision? A story in the form of a thriller taking place in a remarkable African dreamscape.

“A captivating documentary that lets us experience the birth of art.”
Fred Arends – Cinergie

Written, directed and edited
World premiere at Tallin Black Nights Film Festival 2015