Of Not Such Great Importance

Fiction, 19 minutes

Davide has come to Germany to escape the depressing state of his home country, Italy. In Berlin, he takes a job putting up posters. But when the ill health of his mother confronts him with existential questions, he finds himself in a state of uncertainty and indecision. Should he keep postering forever or change his course now? Stay or move back? Order a marinara or a capricciosa?

“A film that without many words, in a cinematic way of using sound and composition, sensitively reflects on the impact of globalization on our younger generations, our relationships, and family.”
Hannah Weissenborn and Sorayos Prapapan – WTFF Award 2020

Written & directed
Produced by Untitled Production, Hilife Cinematography and Colectivo Colmena
Winner of the Kryzstof Szot Award Lublin Film Festival 2019 (PL), Jury & Audience Award Ongezien Kort 2020 (BE), Best Short Film Award Working Title Film Festival 2020 (IT)